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Join Cyrannus' >1B in assets under influence across 8 VC partners.

1 out of 7 deployed VC dollars had no chance of success. 

Last year $500-700B was deployed in the venture capital markets. $100B was deployed into scientifically infeasible and technically suspect ventures.  Later stages of investment saw remarkably high exposure to technically unsound activities.  Hype in industries  of Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Energy, ESG, Crypto, and Biomedical showed the highest losses.  Public markets are smarter than private markets. This opens up VC investments to high levels of scrutiny as their public offerings cost retail shareholders and investment firms millions. Regulatory agencies are becoming more aware of pump-and-dump VC activities. 


Invest with quantitative confidence and get access to real validated deal flow

LPs and Communities want quantitative impact scoring

LPs and Communities want quantitative impact scoring

in 2021 85% of LPs wanted to invest in ESG or Impact relevant investments. Unfortunately, ESG investing has come under significant scrutiny due to lack of standards, self-reporting, and political motivations. Cyrannus domain experts offer transparent, scientifically sound quantitative scoring for your investments. Funds or founders can submit for Cyrannus scoring for detailed quantitative analysis. High-level scoring areas are:

  • Climate Impact

  • Diversity Impact

  • Community Impact


Communicate your impact scores to LPs with transparent and validated methods. 

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