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Our First Open Source Analysis (Welcome to Cyrannus pt. 2)

We need your help. We are open-sourcing the analysis of the AI workforce. Our mission is to create community through transparency. And in that spirit of community, we want to hear from you.

Here is a list of AI companies and their workforce. Company names and employee names are encrypted. We will release the Kaggle competition this weekend (July 3).

Why participate in Cyrannus?

Because echo chambers are bad for business. Local journalism has become indistinguishable from the PR teams of the companies they cover. Reporters are facing pressure from the top down, and the deals they are covering require a technical insight impossible to gain without advanced domain experience.

This barrier to the truth can have devastating consequences for investors and sometimes, depending on the product, the health and wellbeing of potential consumers.

There is no brilliance in this insight, but there is in Cyrannus.

Cyrannus, like my other passions, gets its name from Battlestar Galactica. Cyrannus was a haven for humanity — until hubris combined with unbridled technology led to its destruction.

I have no apocalyptic apprehension that technology will have the same effect here, but I am concerned about the negative impact marketing-heavy investments will have on the local startup community. Disenfranchised technical leaders, good-deal negligence, venture capital winter, alienated founders and misappropriated resources are but a few potential side effects of catastrophic failure in the public markets.

We created Cyrannus because the deck shouldn’t be stacked, even if it will always be. Hype should not be substituted for success. Investor liquidity should not be at the cost of the retail investor or pension fund. When Root Inc. drops from $25 to $1, for example, questions should be asked. Hype should not prevail, scrutiny should prevail.

Cyrannus does not exist to cast shade or negativity on local startups, venture capital funds, or founders. We endeavor to be a guide for investors, founders, and venture capital, but from a technologist-first viewpoint. Much of the work we cover will be descriptive instead of accusatory (for example, providing a network graph of go-to-market penetration for emerging web3 film startups). Our content is based on scientific inquiry, elevating both positive and negative.

Venture capital and technology provide upward economic mobility not seen elsewhere in the world. At Cyrannus, we are highly motivated by a sense of purpose to bridge scientific rationality and the entrepreneurial dream of what can be.

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