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The Cyrannus Network

250 members and growing

We are a network of experts  trying to add rational insight into a growing venture capital market.  Hype for technologies, misaligned incentives, and a must-deploy constraint on VC capital  is challenging a critical aspect of American capitalism.  Cyrannus is developing tools to connect founders with experts and create bullet-proof strategies.  Founders can confidentially submit areas of their business plan, pitch deck, technology, or product. Experts anonymously interact with founders in an iterative process to generate answers to questions and get quantitative scoring (if desired) in the following areas:

  • Technical Feasibility

  • Technical Analysis

  • Development Plan 

  • Budget/Financials

  • Intellectual Property

  • Go-to-Market Strategy/Growth

  • Team Composition

  • Impact (Social, Climate, Community)

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